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Tip 1:  How to make and use Panel Scriber from spare or broken saw JLC 001

Self-Made Panel Scriber
  What you need... JLC 001
  With optional handle...

Tiger Saw is the ultimate modeling saw. It is a semi ridged, double sided saw blade. The size is that of a double sided shaving blade. It has laser cut saw blades so fine and numerous, that cutting is done in a smooth operation without snags.

  • One side has fine razor teeth for most work, the other side has X-tra fine for delicate work
  • Easily cut to any size for use inside small areas
  • Broken or cut pieces can be glued to a Popsicle stick, and used. This makes it the most economical tool on your bench
  • Extremely thin width mean you loose no more plastic/ or resin with the cut than the width of a razor blade
  • Can be used with the optional handle or if cut in half, will fit in any hobby knife holder
  • Thin size and extra fine teeth make it the perfect cutting tool for vacuform and injection molded canopies
  • Can also be used to scribe panel lines
  • Optional spacer bar allows cutting of two parallel lines at the same time, or two panel lines
  • Accessory's tools available for various cutting needs

Updated: 29 November 2007
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